Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grant Funding Announcement

From The Children's Trust:

Match Funding Policy
Release Date:
2/20/2008 5:40:00 PM
Submission Deadline:
Proposal Description:
Match refers to a contribution of direct fiscal investments among multiple parties. This component has been established as an incentive for agencies to apply for dollars from other sources that require an applicant to obtain a match (typically a specified percentage of the grant award) from local sources. Written documentation of the match requirement of the other funding source is required as part of the application. Match funds are only to be utilized to bring new or expanded resources to the community, and will not be used to supplant existing or current match funding or to assume the responsibilities of other public entities. “In-kind” match arrangements, while certainly not discouraged, will not be considered as a fundable match under this policy. Match proposals may be made to The Children’s Trust either during the initial funding proposal submission process to the other funder, or after the availability of match funds has been confirmed by the other funder. Awards from The Trust Match Fund will not be granted until confirmation of award from the primary funder, and will be limited to the percent of match required by that funding source. Written documentation confirming award from the other funding source and acknowledging The Trust as the local match funder will be required with the contract. Some of the match characteristics considered in evaluating proposals include the following:
Does match arrangement bring in NEW funds to the County (i.e., not simply replace an existing match or match local dollars that would be in the community regardless)?
Ongoing match availability; one-time only match opportunity versus ongoing resources, with priority toward recurring, sustainable funds
Degree to which the match program has had a significant impact in other communities
Development of potential revenue maximization opportunities (e.g., Medicaid targeted case management, EPSDT, IV-E, TANF, UPL) through offering resources to build capacity and meet the requirements needed to access these resources.

From the State of Florida:
State Touring Program – Presenters
The purpose of the State Touring Program is to bring live performance to every corner of the state by the finest of Florida’s performing and visual artists. The Presenters component supports live performances by Florida’s performing and visual artists by providing matching grants to non-profit organizations wishing to present companies listed on the State Touring Roster. Priority is given to underpopulated counties. Applicants (presenters) may request fee support to represent artists featured in the State Touring Program Roster. The next deadline for presenters to apply is May 1, 2008.